ThinLine Gatorbootz Bell Boot


Durability with a dirt-free latching system.


GatorBootz Bell Boot

Size 1 Gator Bootz on a size 1 Shoe

The easy release patented latch design offers durability and protection for your horse and peace of mind for you during turnout.

Redesigned from the ground up, this one-piece polymer bell boot offers unmatched durability and protection for your horse. GatorBootz has a patented latch designed to be opened by humans but never by equines. Standard velcro closures are generally the failing point of horse bell boots. By eliminating Velcro we have greatly extended the lifespan and greatly reduced the hassles of bell boots.

Sizing and fit.

Gatorbootz makes contact on the hoof, not the soft tissue. Bell boot sizing is determined by hoof size. If you know the size shoe your horse wears you'll know what size Gatorbootz to order. Issues of variable fetlock sizing are solved with this design.

Download the Bridle2Fit Sizing guide to help make your custom-fitted bridle selections. 

Download PDF here