Fager Julia Sweet Iron Wings

$103.20 $129.00

If you would describeåÊyour horse as something with the following;

  • Pulls/lean on the bit. Strong.
  • Making sudden fast head-movements to escape the connection from the reins.
  • Try to put the tongue over the bit.
  • Dislike almost every bit you have tried

Julia's double-jointed mouthpiece creates space for the tongue and therefore relieves it from constant pressure.

The Roller reaches further down than the joints.åÊThis increases the point-pressure on the tongue if your horse pulls or being heavy in your hand, not consistently.åÊ

It also gives the horse something to play with, which is great for horses that can feel numb to the contact.

Together with the taste of sweet iron and copper, this bit is accepted even by very picky and sensitive horses. It increases acceptance and steady contact.

Inside the wings of Julia, we have Fager's TOL‰ã¢-system. TOL‰ã¢ protects your horse molars from being pressed by the rings. The rings give excellent and fast contact through the loose rings without putting constant pressure on one side while bending. If the horse lays/pull on the bit, the rings will lock and work as a fixed ring. Help the rider get him back into work. When you receive a stable connection to the mouth, the rings will be loose again.åÊ

105mm 12mm 75mm
115mm 12mm 75mm
125mm 14mm 75mm
135mm 14mm 75mm
145mm 14mm 75mm

Normal in size. If you are between sizes, go up.

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