Montar Paisley Soft-Tech Normal Waist Full Grip Breech SALE

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Paisley is one of the soft-tech models of the season. Beautiful Dark Grey classic normal waits breeches. In the front just above the front pockets is a small Swarovski tape triangle. On each side of the front jeans pockets is a small crystal rivet to give the pocket the las finish. At the ankle is a lycra triangle that ensure good and comfortable fitting when you wear your riding boots. This model has matte fullgrip silicone print shaped as rice corns. The soft-tech has a lot of technical features such as UV filter 50+, quick Absorption & fast drying, breathability, excellent abrasion resistance, stretchable for active comfort, permanent shape retention and very soft hand feel and many more.

 The breeches must fit close for the best possible comfort and support.

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