Pony Rug Liners: 100, 200 & 350g


Developed to allow for full customisation of any Premier Equine turnout/stable rug featuring a detachable neck cover (except the ‘Lucanta’). The liners are easily fitted, attached using two Velcro tabs either side of the wither and two clips at the rear. Once attached to the rug our liners are secure and will not slip. A fantastic way to layer up the thickness of your pony rugs when needed.

Your Pony Rug Liner has been carefully hand packaged in a complimentary, reusable zip-fastened storage bag to keep your tack room tidy when not in use and easy for carrying.

We recommend increasing the weight of your liners in sync with the change in temperatures based on your pony’s personal needs. Keeping your pony warm and comfortable in cooler weather can help maintain their condition.

100g Pony Rug Liner

Our 100g lightweight pony rug liner is an ideal layer to add in to your Premier Equine rug. We would recommend using this liner to give your pony added warmth as cooler conditions begin to take hold.

200g Pony Rug Liner

The 200g medium weight pony rug liner is a popular choice among people who require a significant increase in the warmth of their pony’s rug. Great for use during cold/bitter Spring, Autumnal and Winter periods.

350g Pony Rug Liner

A 350g heavyweight pony rug liner will provide optimum warmth and comfort for your pony. An ideal liner for ponies that feel the cold, are clipped out or are prone to loosing condition due to cold weather conditions.

Please note: Our liners fit into most domestic washing machines, an additional benefit which promotes good hygiene. We recommend placing the liner into a net wash bag and using a Horse Rug Wash.

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