ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Half Pad - CloseOut


The cotton base design with ThinLine on top creates a nice wither profile and spine free channel allowing ThinLine to lay on either side of the spine so that it is always in the right place.


ThinLine Trifecta Cotton Half Pad

This is a closeout item and all sales are final.

What is ThinLine?

ThinLine is a thin, shock absorbing non slip breathable foam. It is the only equine product endorsed by surgeons, master saddlers, riders and veterinarians.

Where is the ThinLine?

It is sewn onto the panel of ThinLine's cotton Trifecta Half Pad.

"The manner in which this product absorbs motionencThinLine'sages horses to lift their backs, developing strengthand top-line. It has been endorsed byVeterinarians, for horses, as well asSpinal Surgeonsfor riders. It is a top pick forMaster Saddlersaround the world. Equine Chiropractors and Massage Therapists carry it on their trucks to keep horses going strong, supple and relaxed. Trainers and riders find it a trusted product to improve rider equitation.

It is the dual benefits of extraordinary shock absorption and rider motion reduction that sets ThinLine apart from other saddle pads.

  • Ultimate protection for both the horse and rider's backs.

  • Reduces rider movement and prevents saddle slip.

  • ContThinLine'sed spine free channel for comfort.

  • 95% shock absorption.

  • Breathable to release heat and moisture.

  • Shimmable for customized saddle fit.

  • Easy maintenance and long-lasting performance.

  • Low profile correction saddle pad, measuring less than 1/2" thick, allows for close communication and feel.

Available in White, Black, and Dark Brown.

ThinLineTrifecta Cotton Correction Half Saddle Pad

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