Bit Fitting Clinic Deposit


Interested in getting a group of your clients, students, or friends together for a Bit Fitting Clinic?

Horse By Horse Bit Fitting clinics provide a totally unique opportunity to try a wide variety of bits in a one hour session. The full day is 8 hours.  Snaffle sessions take 1 hour and double bridle sessions take at least 2 hours.

We work with all levels of horses and riders and have fit some of the top horses in the country. We often see some very dramatic changes in how horses go and sometimes the changes are subtle but important changes.

What to Expect:

Our Horse By Horse Bit Specialist will have a variety of snaffle and double bridle bits for clinic participants to try during their sessions. They will measure the horse's mouth and look at the shape and overall anatomy of mouth to help determine the best type of bit for the horse. The goal is to find the bit that the horse is the most comfortable in and the horse demonstrates this pretty clearly. Typically horses become better in the mouth and become softer and swing more in their bodies when the right bit is found. We also see happier riders, as there is a better and more harmonious connection between horse and rider.

The day runs like as a standard private session riding clinic and auditors are encouraged to learn by watching the individual sessions.

Our bit specialists charge a day fee of $1200 for one day or $950 per day for two+ day clinics plus travel expenses.   A $250 deposit is required to confirm and book clinic dates. This deposit is Non-Refundable.

We work with Neue Schule, Fager, Trust and Winderen bits. Our philosophy is in alignment with that of those brands. They are innovative and are designed for the comfort of the horse. Our specialists are able to order bits directly from the Neue Schule and Fager  North Amercian Distributor, and directly from Trust and Winderen. We will then ship directly to the barn or customer.

How to set up a clinic:

A $250 deposit (Non Refundable) is required when scheduling a bit fitting clinic with a Horse By Horse Bit Fitting Specialist. Please pay the deposit by clicking "buy now" and at checkout you will be asked to provide your contact information. A bit fitting specialist will then be in touch to schedule your clinic.

Due to the extremely busy schedule of our bit fitting specialists, no clinics will be allocated a date prior to the deposit being received.

Download the Bridle2Fit Sizing guide to help make your custom-fitted bridle selections. 

Download PDF here