From Ideas to the Drawing Board

Our innovations and new designs are driven by the needs of horse and rider. This holistic approach represents a “new school” in bit design philosophy. A complex set of design conditions arises when kind but reliable control is required from a bit that properly fits the horse’s mouth. Years of first hand practical experience are distilled into any new design before the first sketches are produced.

The Design Process

The next stage is to produce detailed computer models, this allows us to carry out simulations to check for function and manufacturing issues, it also allows us to create realistic visual representations. The huge power of computer simulation can be brought to bear on the design so that engineering is applied most efficiently. Those of you with engineering knowledge will recognize the power of finite element analysis used in predictive engineering. If you ever wonder how we get such finely detailed features into the product it is through the advancements that simulations can give us, coupled with intelligent use of materials.

Product Trials

When we have a suitable design concept samples are manufactured and product testing can begin, initially using horses that we know extremely well. If we obtain positive results then these new designs are distributed to well known riders in every discipline.

It is not until we have received beneficial reports across the board that we start full scale production.

All of our bits are the product of in-depth research and development from strength testing and chemical analysis to product trials and evaluation. Our well known NS Salox Gold material and refined designs are a testament to this.

*Salox Gold Patent Application Pending [EP2191027 (A1), US2010284852 (A1), AU2008299612 (A1)]