I founded Horse By Horse LLC out of my commitment to the horse, education, and my belief in Neue Schule and their ongoing research.

It all started with being loaned a Neue Schule Verb bit for a pony that I was training. I thought I was a good and kind dressage trainer and rode pretty much everything in a double jointed loose ring snaffle. A friend loaned me a Neue Schule Verb and the mare I tried it on, came up in her shoulders, through her back, and was no longer fixated on her mouth. This started an in depth inquiry into how, why and what the company was up to.

After gaining a great insight into Neue Schule and their work, I started to work for the North American distributor of their bits, attending numerous trade shows, barn calls for fittings, and took advantage of the Neue Schule online academy. Following numerous barn calls for Hunter Jumper and Dressage trainers, I decided that the best way for me to spread the extensive knowledge of Neue Schule, was for me to hit the road and educate riders and trainers. I wasn't to sure how it would be received.                                            

I was sitting at a dinner party following a clinic I'd just ridden in, and the hosts of the clinic and I came up with a super format. We set up the first bit fitting clinic two weeks later at their barn. They invited a group of professionals from their area and the rest is history!

I've had the moto "I'll only be able to train a certain number of horses in my lifetime, this is a way I can make a difference for a greater number of horses in my lifetime" since I started Horses By Horse.                                                               

The bit fitting clinics are so successful due to my being an FEI rider/trainer, "L" graduate, and having a commitment to creating true partnerships with horses. I believe in Neue Schule's philosophy of always putting the horses comfort first. Their bits are ergonomically designed using the latest CAD technology.

After fitting thousands of horses and having traveled the country, it became apparent it was time to consider sharing my knowledge with even more equestrians, which I will be doing by way of providing educational content on this website by way of a blog. The website will also feature testimonials from actual riders who have ridden with Neue Schule bits. I will still be offering bit clinics and individual consultations, but the website allows riders/trainers to submit a request for a bitting consultation by answering a series of questions, and also to purchase Neue Schule bits.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions in regards to Neue Schule bits, or would like to schedule an individual consult or bit clinic at your facility.

- Stephanie Brown-Beamer