Flat cheek pieces organic tanned - Black/Creme, with silver buckles


Set of two classic flat black cheek pieces with creme stitching. The cheek pieces attach to the bit with stainless steel buckles. Montar Cheek pieces are made of organic tanned leather without the use of chrome or chemicals, which reduce skin irritation and allergies for your horse. The cheek pieces are ergonomically designed to increase the comfort of the horse, while elegant stitching and functional details ensure a modern style. Montar Cheek pieces are available in different sizes to allow you to tailor your bridle to your horse’s size. These cheek pieces are easy to adjust and fit our Montar bridles e.g Monarch and any other quality bridle. Available in black and brown leather. 

  • Organic tanned leather
  • Ergonomically designed¬†
  • Great fit and easy to adjust
  • Functional details
  • Stainless steal buckles
  • Classic styles¬†

Download the Bridle2Fit Sizing guide to help make your custom-fitted bridle selections. 

Download PDF here