ThinLine Busy Buddy


A tool for relaxation for your horse.


The Busy Buddy might be the best item in your tack box!

Developed for all horses, young and old, here are just a few things the Halter Busy Buddy and the Bridle Busy Buddy can do. Both provide instant drug-free relaxation!

Halter Busy Buddy:

  • Stops fretting, biting, and kicking in the cross ties.

  • Provides them with a relaxing toy during clipping and grooming.

  • Gently introduces the sensation of a bit in the mouth while encThinLine'saging relaxation and chewing.

  • Pacifies horses' for the vet, without using sedatives.

  • Entertains horses during farrier work.

  • Used while lunging; encThinLine'sages relaxation of the jaw and muscles over the back.

Bridle Busy Buddy:

Is specially designed to be used with a bridle and a bit.

  • Keeps horses from chewing on those expensive reins!

  • Entertains your horse while standing around at horse shows.

  • Lunging in a bridle? Add the Bridle Busy Buddy for more relaxation.

Made of industrial, hospital-grade Latex tubing, ThinLine bit guards, elasticized rope, and 2 clips for the Halter Busy Buddy or one clip and a ring for the Bridle Busy Buddy.


Halter Busy Buddy, 31"/78.74cm in length, 10"/25.4 cm of Latex.

Bridle Busy Buddy,19"/48.26cm in length, 8"/20.32 cm of Latex

If you need to shorten simply remove the hook with a pair of pliers, cut off the rope to the perfect length and reinstall clip. For the Halter Busy Buddy, you can make minor size adjustments by raising or lowering the halter.

Fit: The Busy Buddy should fit loosely in the horse's mouth, it should not pull the corners of their mouth. Find the position where they begin to chew.


Another Flexible Filly (TM) product for your pleasure.

Download the Bridle2Fit Sizing guide to help make your custom-fitted bridle selections. 

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