ThinLine EZ Harmony Bitless Noseband Bridle Converter


Find comfort and control.


English or Western bridles are easy to convert to a bitless bridle with this soft ThinLine foam-lined Converter.

Bitless Noseband Benefits:

ThinLine foam padding positioned across pressure points creates the most comfortable bitless noseband on the market. It is manufactured with soft and supple leather, heavy-duty stainless steel D rings, buckles, and lined with ThinLine foam.

  • Full size is adjustable from 23.5 to 27.5 inches

  • Cob size is adjustable from 22.5 to 25.5 inches

The ThinLine bitless bridle converter attaches to any English or Western headstall with ease. Use with leather or clip reins.

Easy to use and clean. Simple soap and water care for the ThinLine foam.


Designed by Harmony Horsemanship'‰Û_å¢promoting bitless riding for many reasons including:

* If a horse is uncomfortable with a bit due to injury or teeth placement.

* Help for horses that are emotional when riding with a bit.

* To give more control and comfort to horses that put their tongue over the bit or out the side of the mouth.

* Prevent bone spurs and other mouth damage caused by bits.

* For starting or restarting horses before introducing a bit.

* When riders are learning to balance or master new skills, so they aren't accidentally hurting the horse's sensitive mouth.

Download the Bridle2Fit Sizing guide to help make your custom-fitted bridle selections. 

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