ThinLine Flexible Filly Lightweight Breathable Air Shock Horse Boots


Lightweight, airbag, and ThinLine protection. Easy care.


Flexible Filly Lightweight Breathable Air Shock Horse Boots

Wrap your horse in comfort with this lightweight breathable non-slip protective horse boot. These shock horse boots are great for horses and even better for owners. The low profile fit is only outdone by the ease of care for horse owners.

The Interior is Lined with ThinLine.

ThinLine's trademark open cell technology delivers impact protection in a wafer-thin breathable foam. ThinLine doesn'st compress. Pressure points; created from tendons, bones, splints, or wind puffs, are gently shaped into the ThinLine memory, which rebounds once it is off the horse. An anti-microbial agent is infused into ThinLine allowing use on multiple horses. Finally, ThinLine foam does not absorb water or collect dirt, which means boots stay in place, are easy to maintain, and provide hassle-free protection.

The exterior of this boot is designedwith Air CushionTechnology and FlexibleConcussion Protection with an Offset Strike Guard.

The Offset strike guard design is made of a stiffTPU material to spread out impact forces. The raised shape is designed to flex slightly during impact to help dampen and reduce impact force. Underneath the guard is an airbag insert running the lengthof the tendon. The airbag lies flat in the strike guard space between the inner foam lining and strike guard shell. Air cushions offer enhanced performance, horse boot fit, and comfort. They last the lifetime of the boot and will always remain flexible allowing for better tendon, ligament, and joint movement than other boots. The remainder of the shell is a flexibleTPU.

Additional features:

ThinLine's lightweight and breathable horse boots are designed to leave no desire unturned. The ThinLine warms to body temperature creating a custom fit. None of the materials absorb water, meaning boots won'st shift or rub. And it makes them easy to clean and quick to dry. Dirt does not stick to the ThinLine, keeping your horse free from irritations. Additionally, ThinLine ventilates to keep tendons cool. As always, ThinLine is the most durable material in the equestrian world, allowing riders to get more performance from their horse boots.

Available in:

Black with Silver. Because of its flexibility, one size fits most horses.

Download the Bridle2Fit Sizing guide to help make your custom-fitted bridle selections. 

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