Fager Lilly Titanium Loose Rings


If you would describe your horse as something with the following;

  • Sensitive for bar pressure
  • Easily get wounds
  • Uncomfortable with almost every bit you have tried.
  • Put too much focus on the bit during work. Plays around with it or tries to bite etc.

Lilly is a durable and lightweight single jointed titanium bit.

Against the bars, the bit is more wide than high. To promote a comfortable, close mouth for your horse while riding.

If the horse leans/pull on the bit, theåÊBar-reliefåÊwill bend forward and give pressure on the bars and tongue.

Making the horse seek an honest connection towards the hand again.

105mm 12mm 60mm
115mm 12mm 65mm
125mm 14mmåÊ 65mm
135mm 14mm 70mm
145mm 14mm 70mm

Normal in size. If you are between sizes, go up.

Download the Bridle2Fit Sizing guide to help make your custom-fitted bridle selections. 

Download PDF here