NoShout Sonic

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With a total weight of only 20 grams, the fully wireless earpiece allows the rider to communicate with the coach at a distance of up to 150 meters. The rider carries only the earpiece receiver, no other devices are needed. By the press of a button, you can choose to have it in two-way use or in one-way use. With the built-in wind cover, the sound is great even when using the device outside under windy conditions. The battery can last up to three hours in continuous two-way use and up to eight hours in one-way use. Charging the long-life Li-ion battery takes only one hour from empty to fully charged.

The transmitter carried by the coach has a highly comfortable earphone / microphone, making it nice to wear even for longer periods of time.

The transmitter comes with an aux-in for the possibility to connect a music source to the transmitter for playing e.g. kur-music in the background of the teaching. Only the coach and the rider can hear the music.
On the display of the transmitter, you can see the battery charging level, the microphone sending level, the sound level on the earphone speaker, the key lock, and the receiving power from the earpiece used by the rider.
It is possible to connect an unlimited amount of receivers to the transmitter, making the NoShout Sonic perfect even to be used by larger groups.

The complete basic package comes with all needed for the coach and one rider, including chargers and carrying case.

Receivers can also be bought separately. See NoShout Sonic receiver package.

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