Fager Sabina Titanium Single Jointed


Designed and developed together with Sabina SwÌ_rd.

åʉ۝I was looking for a competition bit for me and my students that provides a precise connection to the horse. The bit should be soft in the mouth and comfortable to handle. I used to compete on a baby Pelham, but many of my students pointed out that the double reins can be complicated to ride with. Together with Fager bits, we were able to develop a bit with really short shanks that are used with single reins. We also decided on a titanium mouthpiece that my horses enjoy. The lightness of the titanium stops them from being heavy on the hand.

I hope that this bit will help people to get the smooth ride they are looking for‰۝ - Sabina SwÌ_rd

The single jointed mouthpiece is recommended for a horse that prefers less tongue pressure and uses a single-jointed snaffle in daily training.

Side-ringåÊtubes are shaped to prevent pinching the horse, and improving the rider's signals. The chain can be detached on both sides and divides the pressure between the poll, jaw, and mouth.

åÊThis bit reminds of a Baby Pelham, but give a more flexible feeling.åÊ

Excellent for riders that want a bit that provides a more clear signal than a snaffle, but not as severe as with longer shanks.

95mm 10mm 50mm
105mm 12mm 50mm
115mm 12mm 50mm
125mm 12mm 50mm

Bigger in size. If you are between sizes, go down.

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