ThinLine Short Girth - Dressage & Monoflap


Soft, moldable, non-slip pressure relieving. Anti-Microbial.


Short Girth for Dressage and Monoflap Saddles

The Best non-slip girth includes stabilizing ring system for even pressure and flexibility.

100% Trademark ThinLine foam against your horse. Featuring the best in Non-Slip softness with ventilating technology. Infused with anti-fungal agents for healthy skin and use on multiple equines.

Distributes pressure evenly with its unique stabilizing D ring system. Billets slide through this unique D ring, allowing horses to move and breathe with comfort.

  • Stainless steel roller buckles with leather reinforcement tabs.

  • Available in 20"-34" lengths in 2" increments. (Black only)

  • ThinLine Foam

  • Variable Flex buckle system.

The ThinLine short girth for Monoflap saddles is an effective non-slip girth but it might be most famous for its ability to mold to the curvature of a horses's girth. It creates comfort riders swear by. Riders also love the easy-care. Simply wipe it down with a baby wipe or add a little dish soap to a cloth. So go ahead, get sweaty, let the arena mud fly. Have some fun with a happy horse.

V billet dressage girth black non slip dressage short girth black

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