ThinLine Tack Cleaners and Sheepskin Wash


ThinLine Tack Cleaners

ThinLine sheepskin and horse tack cleaners are recommended for all ThinLine foam and leather goods. It's also great for cleaning just about everything else! This all-natural, thoughtfully designedwash removes all organic matter, dirt, manure stains, you name it. Safe for all humans and animals, large and small.

Use this horse tack cleaner on your ThinLine reins, girths, bridles, halters, horse boots, and other leather goods to ensure durability and warranty coverage. This gentle, effectiveformula hasbeen tested andiscompletely safe for the ThinLine foam lining, and does an excellent job of cleaning the leather. Condition the leather portion only with a paste or a cream.

Available in convenient 2oz bottles

Eucalan Sheepskin Saddle Pad Cleaning Wash

ThinLine uses medical grade sheepskin with a natural hide (no synthetics). Please do not wash your Sheepskin products with Melp. Wash your sheepskin with Eucalan sheepskin cleaner to keep your pad covered under the full year warranty.

Eucalan'ss original scent, first introduced in 1989, ismade with essential oil of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus oil is a natural fly inhibitor, (we wash ThinLine's horses with it too!). The lanolin enriched formula helps to naturally condition fibers and will maintain the natural hide found in all ThinLine sheepskin products.

We love Eucalan wash sheepskin cleaner!

Offered in single use pods.

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